147% of in-city rate Was unjust


Out-of-city ratepayers were targeted to keep the in-city rate artificially low

Our $1,000 investment in this petition drive saved the out-of-city ratepayers $520,291 ($428,335 in unjustified water charges and $91,956 in unjustified wastewater charges per page 261 of the city's agenda packet dated January 23, 2024). We're ordinary ratepayers, just like you, and would appreciate your help to recover some of our costs (e.g., postage, advertising, website).

the appeal WAs SUCCESSFUL!

On September 5, 2023, the Rockport City Council approved new water and wastewater utility rates that disproportionately impacted out-of-city ratepayers despite not having completed a rate study nor being able to show an added cost to deliver utilities outside the city limits.


Because we did not believe the adopted rates were just and reasonable, we appealed the rates to the Public Utility Commission of Texas in accordance with Texas Water Code Section 13.043(b). Our petition was filed on December 4th and contained 898 signatures, almost twice the number we needed.


Knowing they could not justify their rates to the PUC, the city rescinded the out-of-city rate increase at its December 13th meeting. This was a big win for the out-of-city ratepayers as the surcharge was reduced from 47% to 33% and will save the out-of-city ratepayers approximately $43,000 per month.


The History page of this site has all of the details on this effort.

Who cOULD sign?

You had to be a City of Rockport water and/or wastewater ratepayer (customer) receiving service outside the city limits to sign the petition. You are considered a single ratepayer regardless of the number of bills you receive. A petition could be signed by either you as the ratepayer or your spouse.